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We Just Launched Our Free Beta - Download The Streamer App Now !
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Desktop Vision allows you to bring your desktop operating system anywhere.
Desktop Vision is the most intuitive web-based remote desktop application there is. Within minutes you can control your desktop from any device.
Optimized for AR + VR devices
Desktop Vision works flawlessly on smartphones, tablets, and laptops, but is most exciting to use in AR and VR. Harnessing the power of WebXR, Desktop Vision can augment reality and create an interactive 3D computer for you to control with your smartphone or tablet. For an even more immersive experience, you can tap into Desktop Vision from a VR browser.
From Any
PC Gaming on any Device.
PC Gaming on any Device.

Desktop Vision supports gamepad emulation on Windows 10.
Once you've got the Desktop Vision streamer app installed, and the accompanying gamepad emulation driver called ViGEmBus, you'll be able to play your pc games on a smartphone with touch gamepad controls, or a bluetooth gamepad. Your games can be streamed in up to 4K resolution at 60fps (only limited by your internet speeds and your computer's processing power). You can also opt for a lower resolution and lower latency streaming mode.

Desktop Vision utilizes the standardized WebRTC protocol to establish a direct peer-to-peer encrypted connection to your desktop computer. You can also login to the app with an authentication provider you trust, like Google, Facebook, Apple, or Microsoft. Those accounts can have two factor authentication enabled for an added layer of security.


The Streamer
The Streamer app lives in your computer’s taskbar. You download it here and launch the app to sign in. As long as it is running, and you are signed in, the streamer app is ready for you to connect to it from another device with a web browser. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux computers.


the web
The Desktop Vision web app allows you to remote control your desktop by sending messages to your installed streamer app. When you click or type in the browser, your actions will be mirrored on the remote computer. The Desktop Vision web app works well in desktop, mobile, and even virtual reality web browsers.
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Desktop Vision is in FREE public Beta.